Life of a Kept Woman

I want to chronicle this particular niche - a woman being well cared for by a man for no other reason than it fulfills them both.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

In 2001, I stopped working and focused on having the most pleasurable and fulfilling life possible. Today, I have succeeded my wildest expectations. A “kept woman” is a woman who is being supported comfortably by a man for reasons having nothing to do with marriage, children, or sex. We are intelligent women, who know there is more to life than proving yet again we can do it just as well as men. We are choosing lives of comfort and service, but only to the extent that it pleases us. The men who support us do so because they see it as their best move for a rich life with a partner who can create a lifestyle based on having the best of what life has to offer for them both. The best is everything from cocktails at sunset to cycling together mid-day to serving the poor.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Periodically, I will post information on books, courses, websites that I know to be useful on this path.

Courses and Consultants

More House aka the Institute for Human Abilities
Lafayette, CA
Judy St. John
no website
unparalleled high quality information on relationships, sexuality, and communal living. This is the source of much the recent literature today on extended orgasm and male-female relationships.

Relationships Research Institute
SF East Bay Area, CA
Howard Zalkin
no website
Howard and his partner, JP, have picked up the RRI work since the death of Michael Naumer in 2001. This is good basic material on how to see who you're being and navigate relationships more effectively.

Universal Tao
Good information on esoteric Taoist sexual practices.

Rivka Grubb
Wardrobe Consultant
Lafayette, CA
She is real professional and a lot of fun. The shopping trip I did with her was one of the most luxurious experiences I've ever had. She put the polish on my act.


Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World by Regina Thomashauer.

When you Google "kept woman" you will eventually land in Mama Gena's lap. On her website, you will find a listing of her courses and her book. I have never taken her courses, though I do know she has some training from Morehouse and is quite well known in the NY community. Her book noted above was a delightful read, fun fluff, cotton candy-like as it will leave you wanting something more, like perhaps her workshops. Nonetheless, what's there is sound with some of the exercises will surely take your life up a few notches. What I like about this book versus Sugar Daddy 101 by Leidra Lawson, which I recently perused, is that there is absolutely NO manipulation involved. Her book is really about enjoying your life so much that you will be irresistible to men which has certainly been one of the tennents of my good life. Mama Gena's is a good introduction for those who want to pursue the life of a kept woman or responsible hedonism, as well as those who just want to have a better time being a woman.


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