Life of a Kept Woman

I want to chronicle this particular niche - a woman being well cared for by a man for no other reason than it fulfills them both.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

In 2001, I stopped working and focused on having the most pleasurable and fulfilling life possible. Today, I have succeeded my wildest expectations. A “kept woman” is a woman who is being supported comfortably by a man for reasons having nothing to do with marriage, children, or sex. We are intelligent women, who know there is more to life than proving yet again we can do it just as well as men. We are choosing lives of comfort and service, but only to the extent that it pleases us. The men who support us do so because they see it as their best move for a rich life with a partner who can create a lifestyle based on having the best of what life has to offer for them both. The best is everything from cocktails at sunset to cycling together mid-day to serving the poor.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Beginning of Lived Epiphany

Something has been lifted. One of many veils between me and the world. I can touch, see, feel people - strangers and friends. I can look in their eyes and see them. What a surprise to also find there; myself, my humanity. The fear is gone, that feeling that I might get something on me, that I might see something other than my perfect picture of myself. Yesterday was a complete joy.

From within my own space, I say hello energetically, and the rest follows. Our eyes meet and I smile. Looking to see who they are, what would serve them, I put a dollar into their hand, we hand Zoe the bag of treats for her hospitalized daughter. There's no guilt, no ought to. No sense of loss.

I think I must have had a sense of entitled distance. Stories from my childhood, about how kids made fun of me because I was racially different from them, and how there must be something wrong with me because no one wants to play with me, ejected from my friend's house because my mother wasn't home from work yet. Pieces of my humanity broken off to form shields and reinforced by familial patterns of emotional isolation. While I was busy working on protecting myself from more imagined slights and indignities, I had no idea that I could impact other people. Sure, I went through the motions, it is part of my persona to do so. However to reach out from the inside because it seems like the thing to do, to know myself through someone else, to comfort because it brings comfort into my world; that's what's new.

Will this be temporary? Probably, but I hope not.


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