Life of a Kept Woman

I want to chronicle this particular niche - a woman being well cared for by a man for no other reason than it fulfills them both.

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In 2001, I stopped working and focused on having the most pleasurable and fulfilling life possible. Today, I have succeeded my wildest expectations. A “kept woman” is a woman who is being supported comfortably by a man for reasons having nothing to do with marriage, children, or sex. We are intelligent women, who know there is more to life than proving yet again we can do it just as well as men. We are choosing lives of comfort and service, but only to the extent that it pleases us. The men who support us do so because they see it as their best move for a rich life with a partner who can create a lifestyle based on having the best of what life has to offer for them both. The best is everything from cocktails at sunset to cycling together mid-day to serving the poor.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Keeper's Perspective

Wanted to bring this out from the archives from 4/2/05. It's a good reminder for me.

About now, many of you are thinking, "What's in it for the guy?" So I sat down with George to answer a few of your questions. If you have others, let me know, and we'll bring him back on the show. And now, here's George, the man who makes this lovely dream of a life possible . . . .

What’s in it for you?

Mostly I have a happy woman, which is pretty rare. And not that fake happy or indifferent. Really happy. It used to be that the best I could do was that the woman in my life was mostly not unhappy. What I found was that after the lovey-dovey phase wore off, it got pretty mediocre, pretty fast.

Do you ever feel like you’re doing all the work?

Sometimes. When you’re with a woman who really wants something, then the “doing” [producing it] is effortless. I used to discount the effect of a woman’s desire on my productivity. However, when I look back at the big things I was able to accomplish with relative ease, it seemed there was woman in my life who really wanted that done. A good recent example is when Oceana wanted to move out of the community in which we were living and into her own house, I was able to buy her a house within a matter of weeks with very little capital.

If you’re going to give her everything she wants, how do you get what you want?

Part of what she wants is for other people to have what they want, which includes me, of course. She wants me to be happy. It’s not much of a complement to have a miserable guy on her arm.

Also, we’re very much a team. Classically, you can have a woman by your side or at your throat. I feel like Oceana is at my back. We have common goals and values that have to do with pleasurable living. My goal is to get everything I want in life. The fastest way to do that is to gratify Oceana. For instance, I have always wanted to have a tandem bicycle. One of our favorite things to do is to spend time outdoors together. We used to hike frequently until it got to be too much of a challenge for Oceana. She told me that cycling was her favorite form of aerobic exercise because it had the least impact on her joints. When I suggested a tandem bicycle, she was very enthusiastic. Now, we ride together frequently, often in beautiful locations. Oceana’s happy and I didn’t just get my tandem; we got a custom built, high-end bike second-hand for a reasonable price from one of the first ads we saw from someone within 10 miles of our house.

One caveat, though, this model of gratifying a woman as a means to happiness for a man only works with someone who knows how to play the game. Believe me, I’ve tried it with women who weren’t players. This isn’t quid pro quo and it’s not a blank check. The expectation is that we have fun, she treats me with respect, and I only do what I want to do.


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