Life of a Kept Woman

I want to chronicle this particular niche - a woman being well cared for by a man for no other reason than it fulfills them both.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

In 2001, I stopped working and focused on having the most pleasurable and fulfilling life possible. Today, I have succeeded my wildest expectations. A “kept woman” is a woman who is being supported comfortably by a man for reasons having nothing to do with marriage, children, or sex. We are intelligent women, who know there is more to life than proving yet again we can do it just as well as men. We are choosing lives of comfort and service, but only to the extent that it pleases us. The men who support us do so because they see it as their best move for a rich life with a partner who can create a lifestyle based on having the best of what life has to offer for them both. The best is everything from cocktails at sunset to cycling together mid-day to serving the poor.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Letter from Millie

Dear Oceana,

I read the message about your father's death and thought I wanted to send you something. A big meta-package filled with flowers and chocolate and ticket stubs and snapshots, a couple of almost empty wine glasses, 6 belly laughs, foot rub, one bad pun, a beautiful pen and an orchid for your desk - with yellow red dragon tongue petals that smells faintly of sweet adventure and rich wet earth.

You would be cossetted and cajoled and made a small but lovely fuss over. A bicycle ride near the ocean with a basket full of daisies, a warm baguette, non-oaky chardonnay and a wedge of imported cheese. A sparky fire beneath a a startling number of stars with a pumpkin colored cashmere warp and port. A window seat and a cool cool pane of glass, long slow rain, a cup of tea, one perfect cookie and a delicious novel. A good cry, with huge wrenching sobs and much Kleenex - the really soft kind, and after a warm bath, clean flannel pj's and your hair slowly finger -combed until you fell asleep. A kiss on the forehead and a rose for your bedside table.

Until we are together again, I hold these things in my heart for you.

With love, Millie.